Breakfast tomatoes

I grilled a few heads of garlic last night to add in ingredients to dishes this weekend. This morning, I added a softened clove to olive oil, minced garden herbs, pickled capers and red onions from the garden. 

Sliced tomato and avocado make a great combination here and with the added textures of the dressing. I thought about poaching eggs or adding some pickled herring, but thought, why not let these ingredients own the show? Why am I trying to apologize with fish or egg? 

It feels like I’m fighting some inner turmoil of societal pressure that breakfast in the US means meat & eggs or a huge pile of pancakes. Of course travelling, I experienced delicious fried rice, spiced noodles with fried eggs, boiled rice with pickled vegetables and fritters, yogurt and müsli, slices of cheese and bread, etc, etc so I know people eat differently in different cultures. But I’ve always just wanted to eat breakfast like it was any other meal.
My husband almost always buys bacon on the weekends, but it’s a messy ingredient and is just too greasy for me to have for breakfast even once every weekend. As I get older, my skin is more prone to break outs during stress (and yes, stress is normally high) and my energy sinks with too much cured bacon in my system. 

I’m glad to have this dish satiate the both of us and convince a bacon-lover that it is possible to make extremely tasty breakfast all without a side of meat. 


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