Thai Galangal Soup with chicken and oyster mushrooms


Homemade chicken stock is added after cooking a paste of cilantro stems, tamarind paste, garlic and some shallot in coconut cream. Coarsly chopped fresh herbs go in next to meld some amazing flavors. Our Kaffir lime tree is producing fruit this year and such a treat for Thai cooking!


I like cooking my chicken at the very end and often turn off the heat to let it gently poach. Sometimes, I just take out a peice of chicken and cut it through the middle. Once it is cooked through, I immediate remove the chicken into serving bowls and bring the stock to boil before serving. I left the oyster mushrooms in to soften and really deepen with flavor.


The secret ingredient to this dish is a paste added right when you serve. Made of pulverized fried galangal, fried garlic, and fried Thai chilies, and salt, it layers in a complexity that is unlike what I’ve tasted before.


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