Early Girl consomme.


Dry farm tomato consomme. Coarsly chop a few pounds of tomatoes. (Optional step for really great flavor is to soak one chipotle dried pepper in warm water until soft, chop, and incorporate in mixture.) Lay out 4 layers of cheesecloth in a bowl with enough overhang to capture the entire volume. Place all tomatoes in cheesecloth and secure the satchel in twine.

Get a deep stock pot and tie twine to be taut on rim using the handles as anchor points. The goal is to hang the satchel of tomatoes without touching the bottom of the pot and contaminating the drippings. Carefully lift the tomatos from the bowl and tie to center of the stock pot. Refrain from squeezing.

The red juice is the initial juice of tomato while settling in. However, what you want are the sweet juices that come after, which are a pale yellow color. This resulting juice can be served at room temp as is, cold as a refreshing shot, mixed in the best bloody Mary ever, or as a base broth for grilled prawn, lobster tail or seared scallop.


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