We bought a house!

Like we weren’t busy enough.. but we purchased a home here in the Santa Cruz mountains a few months ago and are just doing some minor renovations!


The “bonus room” needed some brightening up and focus. Brown painted walls and purple stripes on the vertical boards didn’t help the nice wood floor pop. My husband prooved he was a carpenter at heart by cutting the baseboard and fitting it to the wall.


What we guessed would take a day, took three to fully caulk the raw room. The ceilings were needing Zinsser, a shellac sealant, which if not used, allows knots to bleed through paint. Layers and layers of paint. .


What’s neat is that this was an already renovated space: the original layout of the house had a covered carport and this was enclosed to be a solarium and behind it: storage. The windows are framed screen with easy to remove plexiglass, so they can be taken off on hot, balmy nights. This pic is with 2 coats of white primer.


In a 9×10 foot space, we used 10 tubes of caulk, but look at how white that ceiling is! Compare it to the exterior grooves. No bugs to hide in the cracks!


We were gifted this beautiful antique wrought iron bed from my mother in law and she also gave us the bedding. I bought a relatively inexpensive matress and box spring since I had my parents over to help us move. They deserved a real bed after slaving away cleaning and helping us prep and paint. 🙂


The cycling night light is a 6-year old housewarming gift from my father in law for our first apartment after getting married. The journal is from Sweden that I hope to use as a guestbook for friends and family who stay here.


We now call this the “Redwood Room” and it is pretty spectacular to wake up here. 


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