UC Santa Cruz Arboretum

Last weekend I celebrated my and my birthday (April Fool’s) and my mother’s upcoming birthday with a fun weekend in Santa Cruz.

Lately, I’ve been riding in Wilder Ranch, so I’ve noticed all the wildflowers, poppies, and wild irises flourishing on the hillsides. I thought, “This is the perfect and BEST time to visit the UC Arboretum.” I’ve never been there but my mom and her long-time boyfriend have only once, but on a dreary, non-blooming part of the year.


(irises along the hills in Wilder Ranch)

Let me say, wow! I really found it fascinating and much bigger than I imagined. There are large patches of area dedicated to California, Australia, and Tasmania. I cannot vouch for the latter two in terms of authenticity, but I did finally see a real eucalyptus that was meant for making furniture vs the ones Californians erroneously planted that bore food for koalas and burn like crazy. (oops)

Here are some quick pics:


flannel bush


Many varieties of Banksia.


I see where Dr. Seuss gets his inspiration…


Super succulents!


Many colorful blooming protea.




There are so many plants that hummingbirds love, there’s a walkway dedicated to these little high velocity creatures! I couldn’t capture any with my camera-phone but you can imagine the blurry tries…



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