Planning without Google..


Do you see the little reservoir? Remember that because we will be there the next day. 🙂
I take google mapping for granted. I like using Strava to plan rides. I totally didn’t think about how if I didn’t have access to Google maps, how challenging it would be to find a mountain trail. Silly me.

The roads up Moganshan lead up to a top peak area where hotels, stone buildings, restaurants and beautiful siteseeing spots lie. Once we dropped down to town, the area becomes more residential, less touristy, but with so much renovation and building, new roads sort of just appear!  Not to mention roads can also disappear with erosion.


A picturesque old villa that is a living reminder up Moganshan’s foreigner occupied area. Residents of Shanghai could escape the hot summer months in these cool bamboo forest hills.


Nice spot for a photo.. there’s something satisfying about riding an hour and coming upon this picturesque pond. There’s also something sort of funny about a bus load of people getting dropped off in the same spot to take their photos and then get back on a bus. (I earned my shot!)


This is a hill we had to climb. I ended up strapping my bike to my backpack and walking up the hill. It was about 25-30% grade.


I’m enamored by these fluffy foxtail bamboo groves. Apparently, here, there is a bamboo variety that grows a meter per day.


Cool baby bamboo salad with soy beans and sliced peppers. Don’t mistake this for bamboo shoot, no, these are the tenderest bamboo new growth, freshly harvested that morning.

We ended up getting off track because some very kind women told us a shortcut to get to the hill, even though we were seeking the long way. Some nice Germans rode by and righted us back on track. Gotta love cycling in other countries! Biking bonds us all!


This map woul’ve been great when we first started. 😦 wahhhh. It’s like how would we have found this map of we didn’t get lost first? I don’t read Chinese, by the way.


Gotta go by the reservoir, now. Yes, this is a trail connector.


Long story short, we spent about 3 hours going in a little circle the wrong way, but ended up back at our hotel. Thankfully, we could order a hot meal with veggies, rice and some soup (because they are awesome!)

We didn’t want to rest too long and we contemplated having the driver pick us up, but we decided to muster up our energy and make the journey back via road. The only thing that was bad was we would either have to take the 15 mile extra way via road the way we came, or… Take the same 30% grade steep climb for the short mile up and that keeps the ride shorter. We opted short and painful!


10 miles, 2400 feet of elevation gain.
Ate lunch back where we started. Did I need to carry my backpack full of clothes and shoes? It was suppose to be a one way trip. 🙂 one habit I’ve learned while bicycling is unless I have to hurry, I save energy for when I make mistakes or get lost. And always pack enough water and food. Even if you don’t bonk, your riding buddy might!

Off we go after a bite..


It’s very offputting to see your track miss the mark by a mile.. it’s like seeing double. That’s China firewall for you.

Here’s to hoping someone else needing a little guidance on their ride can see this map and try to avoid getting lost. Life’s an adventure, right?! We were prepared to do a one-way 40 km journey, but instead cut it short die to some missteps. We had a blast, non the less and were so happy to enjoy the new experience.


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