Yeah. A pile of quinoa+brown rice+flax seed dough. Heavily oiled (more than the recommended recipe amounts) and a LOT longer in baking time.  About an hour longer at low heat to finish these chewy-thick suckers.


A moment of laughter when I used a donut cutter to make my circular cut outs. Mmmm donuts. Alas, this cracker-to-be is probably the complete opposite of a fatty-sugary-delicious donut.


The recipe said to bake for about 25 minutes, but to keep baking anything that wasn’t crispy. Hmm. Well, another hour or so passed and finally all thick crackers were done. I think I made 14.

I added black sea salt and they were extra yummy. My husband bough a really gooey cheese home last night. So, I ended making a perfect bite with what I had laying around.


Recipe: “Happy Crackers”
I doubled the seasonings, oils and added grater carrot in the dough as well as additional Hawaiian black salt. I halved the dough recipe since my oven is tiny. This is my 3rd try at brown rice crackers / quinoa crackers and I finally got it right for my oven.



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