The 7-day Veggies Only Club

I’m a meat eater, through and through, and I just got done posting about local heritage pork, so what I’m exploring now are clean, unaldulterated side dishes of veggies that can hold their own.


Green curry of sweet potato & zucchini.


Made from scratch is only easy if you have aromatics like kaffir, galangal root, lemongrass and Thai chilies. After work, I rarely have the energy to use the mortar & pestle method to make the curry paste so the Vitamix is a quicker alternative.


Another hearty soup: kohlrabi , garlic and Asian pear with coconut water.


Sprouted lentils in a kale salad make for a semi-crunchy texture.


For lunch I almost always need a veggie filled wrap. I have a hard time eating bak choy or snap peas raw, so I always sauté them with some minced ginger and sesame oil.


Shaved brussel sprout slaw with roasted sweet potatoes and sunflower sprouts.


I also found roasted veggies make for really nice soups.


This one is a roasted fennel and carrot soup with a herb infusion of homemade chermoula and a dollop of rainbow quinoa for texture.


Juices are reserved for breakfast since I can’t very well lug this thing around to work every day. I try to consume my fresh juice within 20 minutes of making it.


I can’t make it through a cleanse without my staple of kimchi! It is perfect as a condiment or cooked into soup.


Tis the season for citrus and I’ve been really pleased to have mandarins as well as blood oranges at our local market. This is my typical nighttime dessert. Yes, that’s a wedge of Meyer lemon. I love sour things!

Well, that’s this week in a nutshel. Go, go veggies!


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