Season of food


Ever since the weeks preceeding Thanksgiving, I’ve been thinking about food. We had a product launch in early November and that was a 4-day long catered event. Think feeding 25-50 people per day for every meal, 4 days in a row. Let’s just say get a few good caterers order more and be really flexible when sh!t hits fans: even if you’ve planned it out, someone who is in charge of picking up the food and getting coffee every day may throw out his back… Which happened.

Each day, I had a local butcher dream up a charcuterie plate for us.


We ordered tables & linens and dinnerware from a party place down the street. Luckily we have a huge warehouse so we opted to store the weeks worth of dishes and just did the dirty returns each morning. It was hard to set up each night after dinner ended and you felt exhausted and had a few glasses of wine, but damn it looked good. I thought it looked elegant, but one of our guests commented it was a bit cult-ish.


I made and printed a menu each evening. Literally yelling to the chef, “what are you cooking up tonight, Chef?” Running upstairs and putting everything into Adobe Illustrator, printing it, double checking spelling and then cutting each menu out with a paper cutter. We had a friend come in from Santa Rosa to cook every night. He sometimes had a friend help prep but he and his traveling kitchen, wood fired stove made everything shine!

Failure to find dessert was my issue this event. My main go-to of Swanton Berry Pie was closed due to a holiday but then I thought ice-cream sandwiches! Who doesn’t love the simplicity, variety of flavors, ease of serving. Lack of dinnerware needed to eat such desserts = Lifesaver. If it weren’t for the holiday, I would’ve gone to the Polar Bear Ice Cream shop to buy  the 200 or so I needed, but instead I just bought out our local grocers supply. I looked a bit like a glutton at 9 am in the morning.

Did I mention we bought a cheap $40 fridge just to store food and drinks for this event? Good thing for those 200 ice-cream sandwiches.

Luckily, one of the owners is a big ol’ wine and beer connoisseur and had some forethought to bring a pallet of libations. They were delicious.

Anyway, that was just dinner. I’ll leave the lunches for another post!


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