We rode up and over the hill to the other side of Moganshan. 

This is a 40 room hotel about 3 miles from the shopping and tourist area at Moganshanzhen. It was up past a little single lane road and seemed to have some renovation and building next door. The place had its own garden, full time gardener tending to the plants and veggies, and two nice covered benches to look out over the grounds. They had in-room shower and bathrooms, comfy cozy beds and card coded door locks. It was a bit bohemian, but in a clean college dorm sort of way.

Our packs were there waiting for us and we checked in and ordered dinner service.  A nice shower was due and we both brought a treat to celebrate our ride!


I brought Tcho chocolate from San Francisco and my friend brought a bottle of Moganshan wine she bought from a year before. We only had ceramic mugs from our room, but we were pretty happy to have such a decadent treat.


Dinner service was at 6 for us and we ordered a light fish soup with tofu and ginger, rice, greens and that was pretty filling. We had some research to do before calling it a night as we wanted to ride back over the mountain, but on dirt paths. Everyone spoke Mandarin and as much as I could understand, I couldn’t really ask anything about the terrain or paths because my vocabulary never included “dirt trails”, or other outdoorsy words.. I could only understand left, right, up down, but getting lost riding is easy no matter what language. None of the young staff at the hotel knew how to ride a bike over the hill, and most never explored the paths at all.


So, I’m going to say that I’m addicted to Google maps. China doesn’t like Google maps, so we downloaded Google earth and took copious screenshots. We also searched for any blogs or posts about group rides through the area, which were few and almost all stopped short of laying out any maps. Photos are great, but we were pretty desperate to make sure we could get from the populated village on the upper right, to that trail that sort of appears out of the forest in the middle.

We decided to wake up at about 6 to make sure we ate and could do more research in the morning. One great thing about cycling trips is you eat, hang out and then rest so you can enjoy the exercise and terrain the next day!


Yeah.. wasn’t about to get lost in this mess.. left, left, right, arghhh.


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