Curry in no hurry

My take on deconstructed curry: grilled ahi (medium rare) with curry oil atop a sweet garlic-coconut milk puree. The curry oil is literally all the ingredients I would normally use in a green curry, pulverized with grapeseed oil, then sieved through fine mesh screen. I made the garlic puree by blanching garlic cloves about 8 times to remove the bitter, hotness. It tastes so good when blended with coconut milk! Almost like a creamy garlic-mashed potato, but all garlic!


Deconstruction of food is literally what it sounds like; changing the visual and physical form of a dish with the goal to taste the same nuances and flavors of the original dish when eaten together.

In the middle of a summer cleanse at the moment. Normally, I do a 3 week dietary change in Spring, however, a long term systemic bout of poison oak spurred on the need for a clean break. The dry weather here in No. Cal has really turned the dirt here into a crumbly and dusty mess of dry foliage and ruby red decaying leaves of evil.

This dish is cleanse friendly and reminded me that it’s not always boring salad time when you can get creative!

Recipe inspired by Manresa Cookbook. (sorry about the hack job on the fish.. I didn’t ckeck my knife’s sharpness and it sawed at the meat.) Since my husband opted for sausage at dinner, I only had one chance to plate. 🙂


Technically, this is not cleanse friendly because of the pork casing, however, this is a salmon sausage, made fresh at our local grocer. Full of dill and capers and spices!


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