Remodeling the office kitchen.

It’s going slowly. 


The builder had a few pieces delivered to our office today.  The most important element was the sink.  Unfortunately, the shelves weren’t ready for installation, so our hodge podge storage and kitchen is still only halfway complete.  Having a few surfaces and working counters is great, but where does all the stuff go?


Let’s focus on the positives!
New corner shelf and stove align perfectly! Height and depth of range are perfect. 


The sink is rad!  The top of the sink is biased to the left so it reaches the pipes properly.  I just noticed the dish rack may be too wide.. the surface looks a little skinny. Hmmm.


This cabinet has some deep drawers! Super! Perfect to put dishware so it’s not collecting dust. 

The empty spot between the sink and hutch will house the garbage and recycling bins.  I notice we generate a lot of each!  Our office location makes it a little challenging to buy food, so most everyone brings in their lunch or cooks in the office. 

Again, it’s a progress shot, so I have to keep reminding myself of how it used to be..



It’s getting there… πŸ˜› oh.. don’t mind the missing side panel on the close hutch.  They will make a cosmetic piece to fit over that. πŸ™‚


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