Meatballs with a chance of rain..

Sunday was a day of non stop rain. I felt a bit of cabin fever so I decided to make something with meatballs..


I sliced sweet potato, carrots and green beans, and roasted them in a cast iron tagine pot. Then I added some meatballs. I set this in the oven at 400 to roast for 15 minutes.


In the meantime, I made an appetizer using cashew cream cheese, parsley, and prosciutto..




I shared this with my husband.  He liked it, so I made another one.


The second time, I added fresh lemon juice and it was better.  The joy of cooking is making up little treats on a whim and having fun with food.


So, to make this dish really sing, I sliced some dried persimmon and squeezed a cup of fresh orange juice into the pot and let everything steam until dry.

I would never recommend this with cooked meatballs, but because these are super moist meatballs made with buttermilk and panko, you cannot destroy the tenderness!  They are just perpetually moist.


The sweet persimmon, sweet potato balanced by the savory meatballs, al dente carrots and beans and springy wild rice went well with the slightly salty and smooth refried black bean.  It was a dish with all my favorite sides and a handful of plump meatballs presented as a whole.


The usually empty hole in the ground is full and ready for wild hogs and birds to bathe in it! 🙂 Pretty fun Sunday brunch with 14″ of good rainfall! 


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