What if…

You mixed your recipes up..


I thought, why should my mapo dofu need rice? Why not use over my won ton noodle soup?I’m cooking at home, there aren’t rules! 


My black bean sauce is simplified so I don’t use vinegar.  A lot of red and black vineyard have dyes in the ingredients and a lot of preservatives.  Instead, I just add either Apple cider vinegar or today, zest and juice of Orange.


Chili spice, rehydrated fermented black bean, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, Orange zest and a tablespoon of juice.


Mmmm water chestnut!


1/4 lb ground pork, 4 deformed chopped prawns, 3 brown mushrooms, 2 water chestnuts, sesame oil, Chinese cooking wine for filling.  (normally I add hoisin and oyster sauce to bolden the flavors, but I wanted to try without my “crutch” today. 


Again, this was Friday night, and being tired made me NOT want to make fresh dough for the wrappers. 


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