Refurbishing a credenza: Part 2


Finally turned this guy upside down and pulled out the dividers.  That’s when I figured out what manufacturer made this sideboard. This also helps me figure out how to best treat the wood as the finish stain I bought was walnut, anf this is probably rosewood and teak, combo of solid wood and veneers.


I lightly sanded every surface so minor scratches are now gone.  Edges of veneer seem to flake off, so I tried to be careful.

Unfortunately, I need to find a little replacement magnet closure for the door.

Anyone have one?  This is a UK based furniture piece, so maybe some out there can help me. 🙂

So remember the piece I broke off to reglue?

Well, I found a wood putty that was fairly close in tone.. then my husband said I should’ve bought a wood color pencil to color the putty vs staining the whole base.

Brilliant!  But since I’m lazy, I just pulled out an assortment of prismacolor pencils and markers.. I drew in grain with multiple pencils, used tung oil on top, then touched it up again. 

I screwed the knobs back into the doors. One coat of tung oil done.  I placed the clamp back onto the side where I glued a wood split so it can cure overnight.  A few more coats of oil and I’ll be really happy! 


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