Testing patience- making chili sauce


I love using flake salt. The little geometric shapes are just wonderful to look at.  They dissolve easily and if eaten raw, are light and crunchy!

(I get my salt from my Swedish friend who goes back to Sweden twice a year.)



Now, this has only fermented about 3 days.. A week and a half to go…

Large mason jar packed with clean red California chilies.
10 cloves of garlic
Well-water, leave 1 inch head space, but submerge all chilies below water line
1 tbs of flake salt

Once the fermentation is done, I’m going to remove the chilies and garlic, reserve the water, then pulverize all the ingredients adding the vinegar water back in until I reach the desired consistency. The last time I made this, I used cayenne peppers and it was amazing!  It also lasted about a year in the fridge! 

UPDATE: Jan. 19, couldn’t even make it 10 days for fermentation!

It got nice and cloudy in the jar..

Open over the sink, that thing was fuzzing like mad!

Blended all peppers and a half cup of vinegar in the Vitamix. Then, I put it in a small sauce pot to low boil, skimming the foam off the top.
Reduce by at least 10-20%..
Let cool.

Place into a jar and let sit overnight in the fridge to mellow out. I felt like I added too much vinegar from the picking water, so I would start with less next time. Or use fresh water instead.
I used my sauce in a braised taliapia dish and

Sriracha chicken!

What would you use it for?!

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