The not so epic tale of Eddie & Doplar (Doppie)

Doplar (or her nickname Doppie) is a chocolate coated rescue donkey who is buddy buddy with Eddie, the white pony.  He is quite beautiful, but a bully for food, attention, and is in love with the burnt sienna horse that grazes in the next pasture.

This morning, I hear a wheezy neighing followed by the tell-tale inhale/exhale that tells me the donkey-Doppy is either hungry or annoyed or anxious.  I look outside and she’s staring off in the distance, which she rarely does.

In observing my neighbors’ equine for the last 4 years, I’ve learned a lot about these two creatures.  I know that Doppy likes having the Eddie around, grazing or standing, and tolerates his bullying and general hogging of food.  What she gets bummed out with is watching him escape their pen, dash into the nearby pasture, and nuzzle with the horses that are boardered there.

When I looked outside, Doplar was looking at him in frustration.  Then, a few minutes later, I saw her standing, back toward him, lips pursed..


Lonely Doppie near the trees.

Happy-to-be-free-Eddie over the fence. 


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