Norwegian wood.. sofa reupholster


Eek. Yeah. The old cushions (not in photo) were so funky, I stripped them off and made new ones.  Not very well, however, and left the sofa in our warehouse for employees to sit on and subsequently eat on and get pretty dusty and dirty.

I went to a few online fabric sources to find some nice upholstery.  My eyes were set on felt or wool, but in researching my alternatives, and prices, I was over any sort of dream budget.  $100+ for a yard of fabric.

Granted, these were some beautiful samples… I had to consider the cost of actual workmanship. (A beautiful Paul Smith striped wool below, though I think this needs to go on a longer lounge vs cushions to really look stunning.)

I found a well respected, local upholsterer and brought my cushions to him to see how much fabric I needed and see his sample swatch books.

His shop was a dinky little storefront, aisles full of swatch books, piles of cushions against the wall and a peek into the back workshop where someone was working. 

First impression? What did I walk into? However, as we all experienced at some point, looks can be deceiving.  As a designer, when we are busy, really busy, we’re more than likely to be a little messy.  His wireless ear – phone, the couple that came in right after me, the busy shop all pointed to positively “legit”. 

I ended up picking out a very soft poly blend fabric that had the look and similar feel of felt at $45/ yard.  A dark, cool gray, it couldn’t offend or easily show dirt.  He offered to add a layer of fabric atop the existing cushions to make them more firm. 


I think the new stuffing may have made it too big for the frame.. but it is so comfy, now. Some of the edges look pinched/gathered, but I hope it will settle with use.

Overall, this vintage sofa from Norway has a new life! Hopefully, I will have some time in the near future to clean the wood frame better.

Onto the next thing.. installing sound proofing boards in the office!


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