Juicing compost


I am practical person, most of the time.  When I prepare meals, I tend to save any vegetable cuttings, peels, ends for stock or put it into our worm bin outside.  I really like preparing food from scratch because, honestly, I despise the packaging waste that comes with prepared foods. 

I live in Santa Cruz where, like most cities, have begun to fully enforce sustainable take-put packaging from restaurants and tacks on an additional $0.10 if you need a bag for your groceries or when you check out at many stores.  

So, what about my almost compost? Well, I love my juicer because it can grind up my fennel fronds, kale stems, and carrot ends into delicious drinks!  I used to save all those cuttings for soup stock, but now, I can use them right away! 

Happy Thursday!


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