It all started with a cucumber


There’s no cucumber in this photo, but I was inspired by a half cut cucumber sitting in the crisper.

I then saw an inspiring photo of an Isreali hummus dish with chopped meats in the center of the hummus “well” and I was determined to replicate it. 

Do you see what I mean? Beautiful!  A friend of mine is in Isreal right now and this is what he gets to eat! How can I not want my food to look like that. It’s like a carefully carved bowl of hummus and I just can’t even touch it!  Maybe next time 🙂

I made 2 versions of hummus and a yogurt-tahini sauce for my yogurt&cumin spiced grilled skirt steak.  I couldn’t decide on a single salad so I did a fennel & frond raw salad with pom seeds and a Braggs infused kale salad with micro greens.  Once my pita was assembled, I realized I was missing cucumbers, but lucky I had half in the fridge.. 😛 and wasn’t that what made me think of this dinner in the first place!?


Marinade for skirt steak: garlic, saffron, pepper, olive oil, salt, cumin , lemon juice and plain yogurt.

Lentil hummus and chickpea hummus.  The chickpeas pureed up with the better consistency, but they both had great flavor.

Can you tell I just wanted to eat salad?  I was slightly schizophrenic about what type of salad I wanted and didn’t want to corrupt my fennel, so I just kept them separated.

Serve yourself!  (I loved this meal.)


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