Sriracha recipe


Dried chilies aren’t always the best for making chili sauce, but it’s a go-to, tried and true recipe for me!

This particular blend is dried chili de arbol and smoked red jalepeño.  I soaked them for about 6 hours.

Then, using a lot of fresh garlic, sea salt to tastr and chili steeping water, this is as simple as one can get.  Many recipes balance this with sugar and some add vinegar, but I just want heat and flavor.  Use the salt generously as it only enhances flavor and deadens heat.

Good luck!
2 cups dried Chile de arbol, stemmed
4 dried, smoked jalepeños
1/2 cup whole peeled garlic
Sea salt (in teaspoons) to taste
1/2-1 cup steeping water to blend, or more

Pulverized in Vitamix until completely smooth and slightly steamy. Let cool and salt to taste. 

Yum. Sriracha chicken wings!


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