Remodelling the office: water fountain


We have a water fountain in the upstairs office area.  It hadn’t been serviced in quite a while but some people just want water no matter how it tastes.  After living in the woods and off well-water, which is delicious and superb and clean, I could taste a big difference if I drank from the fountain. 

In doing a light remodel in our offices, I felt it was high time I took care of the upstairs water supply.  For some reason, no one else felt the water was compromised, even though the bubbler (spout where the water dispenses from) was an eerie greenish blue, or that the last time the filter was cleaned was in 2004.

The brand is called Elkay anf they still manufacture this model as well as very new styles that incorporate automatic bottle fillers and refrigerated water.  This one had a cooler, but it went out a few years ago.  I decided against purchasing a brand new water fountain in lieu of maintaining the current one and saving the extra money to buy  reverse osmosis equipment for the main kitchen. 

I called the Elkay customer service line and wow, were they awesome to talk with.  In a matter of minutes, I learned all about my cooler, where my local distributor, and that the attached filtration unit was an aftermarket attachment. 

I called the local representative and asked for options to buy or refurbish.  Did you know they still sell that same color and style model?   Not sure about you, but the dusty drab pumice color is sort of uninspired.

What I found most interesting is the name of the fountain dispenser.  The technical term “bubbler” made talking about water fountains so much fun.  I’d giggle everytime the man on the phone said the word.  I know.  Pretty silly. 

Gross.  I had taped this off so people wouldn’t drink from it.  I also told everyone I was fixing the water fountain and it hadn’t been serviced in a decade…  But I seem to work with the types of guys who believe what dorsnt kill you makes you stronger.  I’m a wimp in that universe. 

After a few weeks, I received a new bubbler (teehee), filter unit, replacement cartridges, and my husband volunteered to fix the cooler.  Having taken everything apart to install the bubbler, he realized he could clean and paint the drab color with a simple flat black paint.

It wasn’t easy to reinstall.. or to fix.  Somehow, the corrosion, movement, reattachment caused some major leaks and husband had to take a trip to the hardware store for copper tubing.

Liking story short, and two days later, we have this..



Pretty nice compared to before! And tasty water, too. 🙂


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