Wemo lightswitch set-up


Oops. No neutral wire. Dammit.

Hmm. We have extra wires for half the lights.. the current switch allowed all or half the overhead flourescents to turn on / off.  My husband just bulked them together. Not sure if this is the best thing to do, but it worked in our case.  We did shield each wire connection with electrical tape.. if anyone has concerns, please comment!

The faceplate snaps on so it doesn’t have exposed screws. Glossy, huh?

Arghh. Slightly annoyed at the Wi-Fi indicator light. See how the signal strength indicator light looks like it is green only on the right part of the “fan” shape?  You can’t see this until you turn the circuit breaker back on, of course.  I think this is a flaw or manufacturing defect, but heck if I’m going to return it after installing it.  Maybe if I order more and can replace this at the same time, I’ll try to see if I can’t get a replacement.  

Can I live with this?  At least I don’t have to look at it, but it’s odd.  I installed the Wemo app on both my HTC One and an iPhone 4.  When I had a firmware update notification for the HTC, and tried to upload, it messed up my connection.  I had to reinstall and restart my phone to access the light switch again.  My iPhone app found the lightswitch more easily, but I already named the light with the Android phone, so maybe since it was set up, it didn’t need extra steps. 

The interface for customizing the light’s rules are simple enough.

The fun part is being in another room and turning the light on and off.  🙂 or being at home and turning your office lighting off or on.  🙂

Not bad, but check your wires before purchasing.  This isn’t really a review as it was just installed today.  If I have more thoughts, I will post a follow up.

Anyone else use this?


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