Cheeseless cheese..

AKA: cashew slurry. Okay.. that’s not fair, but it is sort of true of my first attempt at cashew “cheese.” The recipe I found was simple, but it should be called cashew spread.. Only 4 ingredients and it really tasted like its individual components: lenon juice, cashew, nutritional yeast, and sea salt.




My nut butter setting was a bit gritty in texture still, so I had to bring out ny little food processor. I tasted it, and decided that I should add smoked paprika.


I wanted creamy!  I tested a tablespoon with guacamole and a celery stick. It was delicious and rich.


This morning, I chopped parsley and mixed in some fresh pepper. The cashew cheese sort of hardened a little so I made little balls and covered it in the parsley. This was my lunch.


The sprouted lentil and mixed seed salad was nice with the soft creamy “cheese.”



2 thoughts on “Cheeseless cheese..

  1. I’ve made a great vegan mac n’ cheese that uses cashews, nutritional yeast, white miso, and chipotle chiles. Definitely a good blend and texture. Might be worth a try! It’s over at my blog, Crafty Cook Nook. You can search the site. It should come up easily.

    Best wishes!

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