Day11:21 lotus root juice

One of the coolest juices I’ve made this week is a lotus root juice.  Combined with equal parts coconut water and fresh water a dash of cinnamon and the SP cleanse powders, I felt like I was drinking a horchata.  A little milky, a little sweet, but totally delicious.


Lotus root, peeled from pod and coarsely chopped.


Pure lotus root juice. (About 6 ounces)


The remaining ingredients.. with the exception of cinnamon added later..


What it looks like while drinking. 🙂 it’d a bit pink due to the whole food fiber containing powdered beetroot.  Otherwise, it is a bit off white in color.

I bet if I added a touch of agave nectar and ice, it would taste so much like horchata. Well, definitely not as sweet, though.


5 thoughts on “Day11:21 lotus root juice

  1. I love horchata and it’s so rare to get it in where I live. This is such a smart alternative… I have thought of juicing Lotus root… I don’t have a juicer, but I think blending should work too… Thanks for the idea! 😀

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