Yesterday, I rode 16 miles and climbed about 1200 ft to work through the mountains.  It was fun but I could really feel my muscles tiring from not eating enough food or protein.  I am going to eat a little a little more whey, egg or chicken later today.  But first things first.. Breakfast!


Colorful breakfast juice ingredients!


It’s a beautiful morning. Even the neighbors donkey thinks so.  She’s looking at me for food, if you wondered about her cocked head and flared nostrils… I sometimes give her stems of celery or carrot tops, but this juicer makes me want to try juicing everything! Sorry, Doppy, none for you.


Prepped and ready to juice.
1 carrot
1.5 cup cucumber
1 inch of ginger root
1 cup celery stalk
4 leaves of kale, including stems
1 lemon, skin, pith removed and sliced into quarters
1.5 cups red bell pepper

Produced 16 oz of juice.




Oils are good for you.  I take a tablespoon per shake and 2 cod oil capsules per day.  I also oil my body with unfiltered sesame oil scented with a bit of cocoa essence.  Weird, right? Well I wanted coconut oil and accidently picked up the container next to it.  So to my dismay, I’ve been using it until it runs out.  Since I can’t drink coffee or mochas right now, it is nice to smell!

Rather than use lotions, oils tend to soak in my skin better and hydrate me outside in.  I typically oil my face, hands and feet, sometimes my legs.  There are many ayurvedic oils that are better for different body types, or doshas.  You can also be a mix of doshas.  I enjoy trying different remedies and philosophies in order to maintain my own perfect balance.  I use a simple sesame oil a few times a week and save more herbal ones for aches or deeper tissue needs.  Typically, you want to warm those oils but I just don’t have the time.


Anyway, cheers to your health!

I made a lentil soup for lunch and I cannot wait to eat it! The recipe is from my favorite vegetarian chef, Molly Katzen!


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