This is not your college ramen

Though I did eat this brand of ramen in college, and it was my favorite growing up, I never thought to dress it up until I got married. For some reason, while single, eating a pot of ramen over the sink didn’t seem so bad. Now, it just seems like I should make a sit down meal with it.


Though this brand of fried spice paste and ramen boasts 1 packet, 2 flavors, I don’t really like the dried flakes of spices as a side soup.. and the paste, being a little oily, makes for a better soup base rather than mixing it straight with cooked noodles.  The idea of this ramen is that it is like fried noodles and a little side of soup.

I am a health freak, however, on those occassions my mom brings me a childhood favorite if mine, I can’t help but eat this even though its contents could survive a (few) lifetimes after I die. 

I have an herb garden, so the other morning, I just made an elevated ramen noodle soup snack for me and hubby.


I had so many leftovers, so I just chopped and tossed whatever I had in the fridge in to the mix.  Zha cai, minced leftover steak, herbs and more herbs…  The fried garlic and shallots were intense, but tasty.  I’m not sure this qualifies as ramen anymore.. 🙂


5 thoughts on “This is not your college ramen

    1. Thank you for visiting! I have a hard time finding this brand, too. The last time I bought it, it was in a box on top if the shelves, not sold individually.. I only recognized the box because we used to buy it by the case when I was young. The real way it’s eaten looks really boring, but it’s still tasty. Spicy and salty with bean paste!

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