V is for Vendetta: movie inspired brunch


I know: where in this film do you see this meaty meal? You don’t.  You see the toast with a egg fried inside.

I was very hungry this morning and hoping for some new way to eat toast.  I remembered looking this recipe up on the internet a while back and thinking, how do you fry an egg ON a piece of bread?  Well, you don’t.  You cut a hole in the bread and esssentially fuse in to the toast.  Genius!

For this, I dug out my 2 inch diameter donut hole maker!  (Yup. This is the second time using that device and now I feel justified buying it.) 

I chose the largest slices of bread so I had at least 3/4 inch border of bread around the hole.  I chose butter to fry with, but next time I’d choose grapeseed oil.  I used a LOT of butter.. maybe 2 tbs per toast+egg.


First, I fried one side so it was a little toasty.  Then, I flipped it over, put a bit of butter inside the hole and carefully cracked one egg into that void.  The bread was fairly thin, so 2 inches was not enough for the egg volume.  The egg sort of sat on top of the bread and oozed on the surface, spilling a bit.  I was more concerned about keeping the yolk intact.


Flip! You can see how much butter I used! Look at the fusion.. Isn’t that neat?  Anyway, at this point is where in the film, you get to see Natalie Portman eat.  However, I’m not her and I need more food than that.

I’m big on beef hash: chopped onions with leftover grilled steak, mixed with garlic, and herbs de provence.  Then I decided that it was going to be an elevated Croque Madame, so I baked some swiss cheese onto the toast and fried up slices of ham cold cuts to put on top. 

I asked my husband to mix me a Bloody Mary, and I served up with sliced avocado and salt & pepper.  I liked the little fried circular toasts, so those were placed on top. 


It was fun to hit the fried egg center!



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