Breakfast time! Tips for a lazy but awesome dish.


Digging in to breakie.. this morning I woke up, put a potato in the oven @350deg and set my timer to sleep for 45 minutes.  Woke up.  Mixed all my leftover potatoes + shredded chicken with fresh & dry herbs + seeded mustard + spooned out the russets, reserving the skins.  Restuff potatoes with chicken hash, bake for another 15. Poached eggs and made Pico de Gallo for garnish. 


I only used 1/2 cooked chicken breast, 1/2 cup cooked sweet potato, 1 russet, 1/4 cup fingerlings.  The reason I didn’t fry this is because I didn’t really want extra clean up!  Twice baked potatoes typically have cheese, but I really like using chicken and the ooziness of poached egg.  The salsa idea came about because during my art school days, the cafe offered a really cheap student special: 1/2 baked potato with salsa and sour cream. 🙂 

The potato skins were stuffed full and I still had extra hash.  I rolled them into balls so n ow there are 3 chicken-hash patties in the fridge for snacks later!


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