Speaking of beans..


My order of a dozen sprouting seeds came in a week ago.  It’s been warm in the house, so everytime I sprout a batch in my little hemp bags, it takes only 2-3 days for them to grow tendrils and become tasty treats!

If you’ve sprouted seeds, you know it’s an easy and fun way to have a variety of fresh, raw foods available at any time.  I have 3 hemp bags and at least 2 varieties if seeds going at any one time. 
This particular purchase was less than $40, including shipping. Each dry pouch of seeds could grow into 2 bursting hemp sprouting sacks.  When I say bursting, I mean I have to gingerly work out the sprouted seeds because they’ve expanded so much that they bloated the bag and can’t move freely.  Depending on the seed, err on the side of less dry seed= more space to expand. 


Before I get boring and talk about how you have to soak the seeds over night and clean turn the bag inside out and rinse with the bag with boiled water before first using it (that’s it!) Here are my green lentils and mini mix.  The mini mix sprouted very quickly and it yielded almost 8 cups of loosely packed “garnish”.  I say that because it was too crunchy and little to eat by itself. 

The lentils are 2 days sprouted and taste really great.  I decided to have both this afternoon for lunch.


I made way too much hummus the other night, so I thinned a few tablespoons with lime juice and a dash of grapeseed oil and turned it into dressing.


I shredded half a carrot for the slaw and left the remainder as sticks so I could eat more hummus. 

1/2 cup loosely packed sprouted green lentils, 1/2 cup mini mix of sprouted seeds, 1/4 cup grated carrot, a handful chopped parsley, *hummus dressing to taste. 

*Hummus: 1/2 cup cooked garbanzo bean, 1 tbsp sesame paste, lemon juice of 1 golf ball size Meyer lemon, olive oil, water, harrissa to taste.


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