Lamb chops and hummus

I’m under strict grocery bill rationing.  Mostly because I just did our household budget and I realize I’m wasting a lot of money when I’m too lazy to cook.

Yesterday, I wanted something a little different.  We hadn’t eaten lamb in a while, so when I saw little tender chops at the store, I couldn’t resist.


I have about a dozen types of rice varieties at home, so a basmati made the most sense to me.  I had a spice jar of garam masala and used that and thyme leaves from the garden to dry rub marinate the meat. 

I used a can of organic chickpeas, shelled the skins (took about 30 minutes) used half for hummus and half for my veggie tagine. 

I had tzatziki and harrissa from a local gyro restaurant so I didn’t have to make more condiments.

Between my husband wanting to take the easy way for a pizza, and my wanting a nutritious, homemade dinner, we both won.  He grilled the lamb perfectly, but I had a lot of prep and cooking to do.

It’s funny, because I made pizza for him just last Sunday.  From scratch! I might add.


I was organizing the fridge and saw the inklings of a pizza, looked up “simple pizza crust recipe”, and 45 minutes later, there you go.  Who knew 5 slices of salami, a small bunch of basil leaves, half an onion and sandwich slices of swiss cheese, and 8 oz of leftover filet mignon, and slices of a boiled potato could taste so good together.  Pizza sauce and crust make everything come together, I guess.


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