Why I love dried chipotles


Pork shoulder, butterflied into .75″ thick slab, marinated in a sauce of chipotle, achiote paste, grilled onion, garlic, whole dried cumin, a dash of white vinegar and grilled tomatillo.  (essentially salsa!)  Grilled over charcoal for about 20 min + time, tented under foil, but amazing flavor and juiciness.

I bought some salsa, but made tomatillo+chipotle sauce because the salsa didn’t taste very great.


It was already 9:30 by the time we got the meat off the grill, so I used canned refried beans and steamed corn tortillas.  I threw a half fennel on the grill and it ended up giving the tacos a really nice crunchy texture.  It caramelized like onion, but wasn’t mushy or stringy.  We had some yogurt in lieu of sour cream and I chopped a lot of scallions to top it all off. 

Having some ingredients handy, like achiote paste, chipotle, Mexican espazote herbs, can really make a normal pork dish into an extroidinary one.


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