New phone new me!

I jumped the Apple ship and got a new HTC ONE!  There are learning curves when it comes to learning and using Android but the phone is way cool. 


This is my last shot from my iPhone. Pretty smartphone isn’t it?  Migrating over contacts and some info was easy.  Obviously you cannot migrate ant iTunes purchases, but since I started using Amazon more and more in the past few months, I didn’t freak out too much.  Now, I’m learning about Google play, but as I see it, more and more streaming options will come to fruition in the near future so I’m holding out for Netflix, Hulu+ etc on my Android platform.  Until then, we have ample options between all our devices. 

Best things about my new ONE, ability to play music on “Karaoke” setting..


Text and highlighted lyrics appear! I know.. I have nothing better to do, right? Haha.

The blinkfeed aggregates social media and news apps all in a collage format, which I like being able to set up on my homepage. 


I’m still getting to know my phone so the honeymoon is almost over.. now for the nitty gritty work bit. 

Happy Mothers Day!



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