Travel- loading metro maps

ESH (Explore Shanghai) Metro Map App for iPhone.


So when we went on our night bike ride adventure, my colleague and I needed to get from Jiading to Pudong. It was rush hour on Friday evening and taking a taxi was both expensive and time consuming. I’ve never been on the Metro before, but this app seemed clear for route planning and gave estimated time and voice (and character) translation of the station stops. (Useful if you need to ask anyone where the station is.)

When I used the app in Shanghai, the estimated times were spot on and the interactive map route was helpful since I started at a different station than I planned. I liked the app better than another “back up” metro app because it has zero pop up adds. Space is key and I didn’t like half my map space taken up by adverts.

This map also has a light blue designation for the river, which was important because looking at a basic subway map, I didn’t know if I was on the correct side of Shanghai. This was a little feature that helped me navigate.

I highly recommend using this app as a non Mandarin speaker to feel independent in a new city with a complex subway system.

Wish list: 1. closure times for specific lines (I ended up taking a taxi at a station because the line closed at 10pm.) 2. quick tutorial on single issue ticket purchase and how to scan/ deposit ticket at entry and exit.



(See the faint blue line that crud crosses the lines? That gave me a sense of if I was on the Shanghai or Pudong side.)

The last image shows the alternate map: The directions totaled the overall stops but didn’t give indication how many on which lines. I’m a nervous line switcher so I’m constantly staring at the stop indicator. The adverts also bugged me.

Overall, the metro in Shanghai is extremely clear and the announcements are made in Mandarin and English. If you visit, be sure to load this helpful app! It will not work unless you have cell service or wifi- be forewarned you may need to take screenshots of directions.

Always have written Chinese directions to your hotel or residence and your final destination in case the metro line closes. On Friday night, the line back to Jiading closed at 10pm so we had to take a taxi back from the station transfer at line #11. 😦 In any case, we would’ve needed a taxi back to the hotel from the station anyway. The cab took about 40 minutes, same as it would’ve with the train.


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