Jiading Yummies

Social media is a travelers necessity: keeping in contact, finding things, translating and getting around are the basics. I forget that in mainland China, access is restricted for many modalities and it has been a bit frustrating from a post-as-you-go type of person. I get a little bummed out when I cannot check-in.. wahhh, I know.

I cannot post to Facebook or search on google. I can access Foursquare, but with Shanghai’s weekly updating infrastructure and new businesses, good luck pinpointing my location! Sadly, the vast landscape and slightly smoggy skyline also distorts my sense of direction. Thankfully it has been raining all day! 😉

Since all my work is top secret and I cannot divulge that information, all I have to show are food pics!

The best Steamed dum




When your biggest concern is whether to order 40 or 50 dumplings, you’ve found a good spot to eat!
They also serve killer MaPo tofu, hot & sour soup, and jalepeño chili pods- beef stir fry.
You can taste the soft fresh tofu and szhechuan peppercorn. Yum beyond yum.




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