Shanghai nights

Asiana is a Korean airline. They served a pretty decent bibimbap for dinner service. It came with a nice spicy tube of hot chili sauce and separate sesame oil.

My co-worker ordered a big meal when we arrived in Seoul. We had a two hour layover until our final 1.5 hour flight to Shanghai. I was in and out of consciousness because I tool some very mild sleeping pills. Otherwise, this was probably one of the more relaxing 13-15 hour flights to Asia I’ve ever taken. I even lucked out with an aisle seat AND anempty


Personally, I dig having a view from my bathroom into the main sleeping area! There is a remote shade, too, but since I’m alone, I can watch television while I shower. Ha!

I usually dislike American chain hotels, unless you go to very expensive places or book suites, but for some reason, in Asia, they really outdo themselves. Modern fixtures, interior design, nice artwork.. I don’t know. It is like they did the prototype stuff in the US and it’s about 15 years old and outdated. New hotels always look nice, I suppose.

Guess who has jet lag?! Me!! Joy! Up at 2. 2:30, 3, 3:45. I gave up and jogged on the treadmill for an hour and did some floor work. It’s still 6, so I’m contemplating taking a nap before breakfast at 8. Arghhh.

I hope it stops raining so we can do a little sight seeing in a few days! Shanghai is beautiful, but it is an hour away. I booked a night-cycling tour, so crossing my fingers it will happen!


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