Ella’s Chicken Hash – brunch

Living in Santa Cruz, there are some things I miss like having a plethora of brunch spots to people watch on a beautiful Sunday morning. When I lived in SF, one of my go-to spots was Ella’s in Laurel Heights.

It was almost always crowded, but you only venture out to brunch in SF with these thoughts in mind: where do I grab the best coffee so I can stand around for an hour and wait to be seated.. and I hope I can order a Bloody Mary with my meal. 😉

I am lucky that Ella’s kindness extends to us who no longer live close to eat there! Their tried and true chicken hash recipe is online! 😉 I’ve been making this dish forever. I hope you try it, too!

Fridays batch of mashed potatoes + last night’s left over poached chicken breast + my own addition of cooked green lentils, raw chopped shallot, lemon thyme, mustard, and salt. (I did not have parsley or sage as the recipe calls for, but most savory herbs for use with chicken are great!


All mixed up..

Adding an egg..
At this point, you wonder, should I add some flour? At which my reply is probably not. The frying technique of successfully making a nice golden brown crust and fully cooked center is one that Ella’s kitchen is sure to have perfected, but I have not. I usually attempt to fry this in little cakes, but then I realize I need much more oil to keep it from dissolving .. in which case I just sort of dump all the ingredients in and combo-cook with fry and steam technique until it cooks through completely. I use a spatula to make sure I don’t burn the bottom.

I made my husband poach the eggs. Somehow, he’s mastered the perfectly round, smooth poach while I’m always struggling. I baked some red beets as a side salad.
One nice thing about learning to cook more simply is using less Pre-made ingredients. With the exception of olive oil, grapeseed oil, and stone ground mustard all ingredients are made from their natural form. The dressing was just fresh squeezed grapefruit juice file trees through minced jalepeños with a bit of shallot and olive oil.

Nice bit of crunchy crust. Adding the lentils was both textural and nutritional!

Happy Sunday to all!


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