Road or MTB?

I am lucky to have a very optimized road bike and mountain bike. They are clean and well maintained. The road bike is set up with a fairly easy gear ratio so I can climb without grinding and the mountain bike has a granny gear that lets you fly up any mountain (though my legs may spin comically around in invisible revolutions.)

The question this morning is “road or mountain bike?”

It is chilly. And I have a nagging little tickle in the back of my throat. It’s like a cold lying in wait; one hairline trigger away from dissipating or becoming a full blown cold. I didn’t go into work on Friday because I felt lethargic on top of that. The lethargy is gone, but the tickle is not.

Road can be better, except for the fact that any way to town includes intense downhill routes where my face will be freezing cold for either 5 minutes-10 minutes. My fingers will also be cold and gripping brakes at 30-40 mph while my fingers go numb sounds lovely..

I never used to commute on the road, so I’m not set up with cold-weather gear. Guess I need to do some research on better gloves and maybe a face guard?!


The road route can be simple: directly down the hill and ride the remainder on the sun warmed highway. Recently, I have noticed a lot of broken glass along the riding path and it’s quite stressful with 60-75mph cars and trucks alongside me.
Distance: 13 miles | time:45min | 600ft elevation

The other route-option is MTB in: 15 miles | time: 1hour:35min | 900 to 1000 ft elevation.

A combination of road and single track and trail, this could be a tacky-muddy ride, but a lot more work and I won’t be cold due to physical exertion.

I have plenty of descent options!

The only challenge is that I have to go back home after work. Lights are no problem.. I have a LOT! Head combo-front and back, tail light, bar mounted front headlight. I’m lighted up like a Christmas tree!

I don’t have a choice in the elevation coming home.. no matter what, it’s about 2600 to 3400 feet, depending on route.

I guess it boils down to how much stress vs fun I want. Cars are quite cumbersome and on a groggy Monday morning, maybe avoiding car commuters is a good idea! 🙂


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