Potstickers, Family, Food

I made about 40 dumplings to start and brought steamers just to keep everything nice and warm. If you make Sui long bao, it’s essentially like the potsticker recipe except you twist the tops into pinched round “baskets” and steam them! So yummy!

My mom made sautéed snow peas with garlic and shrimp while my auntie made a delicious lettuce cup dish with fried noodle to top it with! Another auntie made roasted pork and I favored the plain white rice instead of fried rice.

I made a spicy Thai chili and garlic sauce because I love spicy food and I know most of my family does not. My uncles and I seem to have indestructible tastebuds!


We also had appetizers of spicy chicken, jellyfish, pork belly & fried skin, intestine, octopus, seaweed salad, and BBQ pork. They were all bought from a local restaurant. My mom brought egg custards and Chinese sugar donuts for dessert. We were so stuffed!

I had to take a walk after eating because I was stuffed! The sunset just as the moon rose! What a beautiful dusk in the Sunset!



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