Filling Potstickers!

I’m fairly certain I made about 80 potstickers. I guess everyone at my family gathering can eat about 3 each!

Making dumplings is messy. I learned that freshly made wrappings MUST have a lot of flour in between the layers or else they stick after being in the fridge overnight! About 10 wrappers were fused to eachother (in two’s), but I made extra thick potstickers with those! I tested both a single skin and double skin dumpling. Cooked for the same time, they were both delicious, but the single skins tasted less rustic and more refined!

Today’s filling was a simple blend of nappa cabbage, minced pork, minced prawns, water chestnut and Chinese chives. I added a dash of oyster sauce, sesame oil and hoisin, too.

The greens on the left are Chives. They hold up in cooking very well! I had some peeled water chestnuts soaked in fresh water in the fridge. If you do not immerse them in water, they oxidize and turn yellow.

In quite glad I tried making my own potsticker wrappers this time. I truly think it is an easy thing to do, but it takes time to get all the wrappers the same consistency. Making the skins seemed easy enough, but when it came to stuffing & folding, you could see where you rolled out too odd of a shape or rolled too thinly.


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