Potsticker wrapper recipe

Made homemade potsticker wrappers last night. Springy, firm, elastic and fun!

I tried using gluten-free, vegan flour, but I didn’t cross reference enough recipes to understand I needed the stickiness that gluten often gives. Xantham gum is usually added with any deviation of the classic flour+water recipe. Anyway, I wasted a few cups of flour, got frustrated because it was both too sticky and fell apart! I threw that away.

Rolling into long cylindrical tubes. Oddly, every recipe and demo showed simply slicing the rounds gave nice circular slices. Maybe my knife is too dull because my cuts became flattened ovoids and I had to quickly reshape them. Anyway, the first 10 were all wonky and not circular, but I got into a rhythm and finally made some decent circles.

So, the diameter of a rolling pin is huge and too cumbersome. Luckily, I had a very slightly tapered wooden muddler that served my needs perfectly. I could see my wrapper and control the rolling.

A few things I learned.
-This is like baking and substitutions can change the quality of the final product.
-Boil water.
-Cross reference at least 3 recipe for ratios of water & flour and be prepared to improvise.
-it is easy to do, but a quick recipe, this is not..(unless you have help!)
-if you leave any portion of the dough out longer than 5-10 minutes, keep a damp towel over it because the dough likes to dry out.
– knead, baby, knead!

Here is the wrapper + filling recipe by James.

I have tried the filling yet, but I have a classic one I’m going to do tomorrow morning before our family gathering!


2 thoughts on “Potsticker wrapper recipe

    1. I just realized I used a LOT more filling with my handmade wrappers: fresh means really pliable and stretchy. I think I need to make the skins thicker! if you make these, let me know yours turns out! 🙂

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