Snack time!
Guava, passion fruit, and a salty plum- iced limeade!

I’ve avoided the cold & flu bug that has been going around, but the mere fact that one of our employees is a walking-coughing storm of germs and everyone else has already been ill, I felt a dullness in my throat that can either be eradicated now or turn into a full blown cold if I’m not careful.

My usual remedies at work include profuse washing of hands, walking around with latex gloves while spraying disinfectant on communal surfaces and wiping things down. At home, I constantly drink tea with slippery elm or this lime drink with salty plum. 😉

In Borneo, it was my favorite drink: refreshing and tart!

See the slender glasses with kalamansi limes? Mmmmmm yum.

I just looked up the nutritional content of passion-fruit. Apparently, I just ate my daily dose of vitamin C! Our friends have a passion fruit vine and gave us a bag of amazingly delicious fruits!


To your health!


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