garlic noodles

Herbs, chili and lime sauce, and yummy prawns! Wok tossed garlic noodles are nothing but plain!

I don’t have any Parmesan cheese in the house, but I improvised using crushed roasted & salted cashews! It’s not cheese, but it was a nice bit of texture.

sautéed the prawns in oil and broth until almost fully cooked. added a dash of black pepper and garlic to finish.

Steamed – fried bak choy in the shrimp residue. Set aside on a plate.


Plunged and cooked the noodles in boiling water and drained under hot water. Using about 2 tablespoons of in salted butter, I fried up more garlic, and added the noodles. A dash of hoisin & oyster sauce, finish with fresh Chinese chives and add Thai basil & cilantro for a few seconds to wilt.

I added lots of fresh cut chilies to lime juice with a few teaspoons of garlic. Dash of fish sauce and agave nectar and sliced shallot.


Easy one-dish dinner!


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