Snowflake sprinkle

We live in Santa Cruz, only a few miles away from the ocean, but at 1480 elevation. Sometimes, it can pour rain at home, but at the office in town, it will be bright and beautifully dry.

It snowed last night! At about 6:30, my husband came home with groceries and told me to come outside and see the snow.

Hooray for the white fluffy stuff! Ok, now back inside to get warm! (haha)

In Santa Cruz, we have some mountain ranges, nothing to ski on, obviously.. but maybe 1 or 2 times per winter, when it is super cold, we experience a trickle of snowfall. A few years ago, enough snow fell for us to make mini snow people.. Lilliputians, are the max size around here!

Our local weather graph. The iPhone temperatures are never right for our neck of the woods!

I’m not sure what my husband was trying to do except make his iPhone wet. .

This morning is glorious.. But my surfboard needs defrosting!

Good morning!

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