kitchen dog

one funny thing about my workplace is that everyone can bring their dogs into work.. as long as they behave. 😉

this is Rex. he likes me because I’m often cooking, yet I’ve never given him food. he’s as super sweet dog and quite relaxed. he gets along with all the little yappy lap dogs at the office, too.


Now, he’s trying to sniff the wakame on the counter..

(you may notice the cases of beer on the floor. people just bring these to us all the time!)

My boring leftovers of hot & sour soup, wakame, egg and miso paste.

I rode into work today and it was quite chilly. I forgot it was a holiday weekend for some people until I kept passing truck after truck with mountain bikes passing me on their way to park at Wilder-UCSC upper campus. (Big riding spot!)

When it is cold and damp, I hang my clothes under my desk where my heater is to dry out! Lucky I have my own office!


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