that’s it?

I can’t believe I didn’t take photos! Vegan potstickers, trad boiled dumplings, rice, pea shoots, and the most boring photo I took was of a lonely bowl of hot & sour soup… 😉

Making lunch for 13 isn’t hard if you have a few dishes and only use 1 bowl per person. I used to let everyone serve themselves, but honestly, cycling people are almost always hungry and the vegans tend to get their food stolen by the meat eaters who want to “try” their dishes. I made certain that I served the vegans first and then let the others have at it. Everything was vegan this time, which made for easy cooking: only the meaty dumplings were boiled so I didn’t mix up cooking utensils.

Today was a beautiful day so we ate out on the loading dock.. yup– warehouse chic, I know. 😉

Dessert was my simple coconut pudding with lichee. They set a bit weird today, so it was more like pudding, but still good.


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