Hot & Sour Soup redefined



Hot & sour soup.
-dried lily buds, rehydrated and hand shredded
-dried wood ear fungus, rehydrated and julienned
-bamboo shoot, julienned
-dried Shiitake, rehydrated/de-stemmed and sliced
-deseeded red chili pepper julienned
-ground white pepper to taste
-black and red Chinese vinegars

I grew up on the viscous, thick, almost jello-like hot & sour soup. I hated it. It was overpowering and heavy and smelled pungent.

..But then I learned a clean recipe, free of corn starch thickener.. and I found myself loving my newfound soup.

The fresh crunch of wood ear, the bite of vinegar, the aroma of all the ingredients together is very inviting. This version uses no egg whites, which I like because it is clear and refreshing. Also, I put so much lily bud in the soup, tofu would be like unnecessary filler.

Is there something you hated before but when you found a better way to make it, suddenly you find yourself in love? 🙂


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