Making salsa

So my husband and I knew it was a match made in the kitchen when we first made a batch of pico de gallo. We cleaned, chopped, tasted and asked each other to taste to see what more it needed and when we were finished, the kitchen was clean (we cleaned as we prepared) and the final dish was spicy and piquant! It was love at first bite.

Tonight, for being such a good sport this whole weekend and helping me deep clean the house for Chinese New Year… I made my hubby a big bowl of spicy salsa!

This is as spicy as it looks!

I always make my salsa with a few types of dried chiles but depending on what’s available, I usually improvise on the texture and dominant flavor. The market offered fresh tomatillos so I took advantage of that and made a chipotle-ancho chili with tomatillo & garlic salsa.

I asked him to order take out from our local Mexican restaurant; a hot soup called carne en su jugo and a chicken burrito. I like their salsas, especially their bright pink habeñero salsa (sweat from my eyes spicy) but I was craving some fresh roasted flavors.


Here are my basic ingredients. (The little red block is achiote paste which I fry up and use in the salsa.) Everything is pan fried on a cast iron skillet (which is covered in aluminium foil.) Careful with peppers. I pierce all fresh and dried peppers with a knife to keep them from exploding.

Onions are actually the last thing I fry and the heat is already turned off. I’m just using the residual heat from the skillet.

Fried chilies are dunked into a pot of boiled water to soften. I deseeded the chilies and reserved the water to blend the salsa.

Lightly toasty garlic (skins peel off after I fry them) and tomatillos.

Now that is a bowl of salsa!


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