Snow cabbage pork noodle soup

This morning, I felt nostalgic for my favorite childhood breakfast.. so I made it. Stir-fried minced pork, preserved snow cabbage, spicy zha choy and broth over thick udon noodles.

Added oyster mushrooms & chilies for fun. 😛

The original recipe was made by a husband and wife noodle shop in Oakland Chinatown. Every Sunday since I could hold chopsticks (3) my mom and dad would bring me there to eat breakfast – noodles. My dad would get a super spicy noodle soup that coated the sides of the bowl with red chili oil as he ravenously displaced the contents and my mom and I would get “suut-choy yook see tong mein” which is a hearty, salty, spicy and slightly tangy noodle soup. I made mine with thick rice noodles but you can use shanghai noodles, too!

The authentic way is to use sliced and sautéed pork with some dashes of sauces, garlic, and ginger, but this dish took me less time with minced pork and the final dish was still great and more importantly.. quick & easy!

I love this dish! So satisfying.


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