Travel inspired!

Inspired by traveling and eating my way through Hong Kong, Macau, Sarawak and Sabah-Borneo. Flavors are herbal, spicy, pungent with shrimp pastes, redolent with rich savory sauces and hearty broths. Fresh veggies are sometimes harder to find, but when I came home, I had a whirlwind of inspiration. It helped that my mom let me borrow a Burmese cookbook! I tend to like cuisines from cultures that are bordering other countries because they share so much food and spices!

Sarawak laksa– this is authentic paste from Sarawak, so it’s the real deal. Also, a local told me how to prepare the broth and how to make the sambal sauce. Mmm

This is lotusroot and lotus seed herbal soup with roasted chestnuts and herbs.

Oxtail soup with peanuts and young Hawaiian ginger.

Japanese: Pomelo, yellowtail, ikura, komatsuna, and sprout salad with noodles, lemongrass and a lot of chili! (Burmese inspired!)

Vietnamese: Grilled lemongrass pork banh mi with homemade mayo and garlic butter.


My favorite concoction to date!
Burmese: Recipe was based on a shredded carrot & nappa cabbage salad but I made it into a noodle soup that was both refreshing and savory! I added mangosteen and pomelo to make it sweet!


I made a big batch of won tons, too! Having just a few each morning makes me feel like I’m back in Hong Kong!


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